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YOGA FOR ALL ABILITIES senior licensed practitioner


In 2009, Cheryl Albright began studying Yoga For All Abilities (R), The Sonia Sumar (™) Method after being an occupational therapist for 6 years as well as a sibling. Cheryl has an older brother with autism. She is the founder Soul To Soul Yoga in Sarasota Florida in 2016 after years of using Yoga For The Special Child (R), The Sonia Sumar Method (™) in a variety of different settings. She completed all advanced courses and was certified as a Hatha Yoga Teacher in 2014. In 2017, Cheryl became a certified yoga therapist by the International Yoga Therapist Association. Cheryl continues her training with Sonia in further 95H Certification Program, CPD, and Hatha Teacher Training Yoga for the Special Child courses.


In 2016, Cheryl joined Kathy Randolf on team Yoga for Scleroderma being the consulting occupational therapist and presenting with the team all over the world. She also reports to CE Broker and can provide continuing education to occupational therapists in the state of Florida. Cheryl presents on the latest yoga research and how the components of Yoga For All Abilities are used in a therapeutic setting. 


Cheryl continues to teach Yoga For All Abilities in a four county radius in Florida including Sarasota, Manatee, Pinellas, and Hillsborough Counties in schools, group homes, homes, adult day training centers for people with disabilities, and in her center. For more information about Cheryl and her center, please visit

CPD she leads:

Trauma, Sensory Processing, and Working with Limited Language

This course is for yoga teachers, therapists, and other yogis that want a deeper understanding why you are doing all the parts of a yoga practice. This will include latest research, ample time for questions and answers, and practical information you would need to present to other organizations as to why they should have a yoga program. 

Next date: July 09-11, 2021. For more info and sign up, contact, Dana Rubin. 

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