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Ever since she was a little kid, Nadia has known what it feels like to be different. She grew up at a time when being from an ethnic minority in Spain was hard and challenging. With time, she learned and accepted the immense and enriching value of being unlike the others. She discovered Yoga in her mid 20s and she instantly felt captivated and blessed by the benefits she was provided with. After many years as a Yoga practitioner, she randomly came across Sonia Sumar's method and she immediately knew that that was she was looking for. All of a sudden, everything made sense and the pieces fit and she knew what was her mission on this planet. 


That first Program with Sonia Sumar, in 2015, resulted into such a deep transformation and inspired her so much that she continued to attend programs with her giving a new meaning to the word Yoga: something she could use in order to help people who feel the way she had been feeling throughout her life just for being different.


She became the coordinator in Spain and, in order to spread the word throughout Spanish speaking population both in Spain and Latin America, she translated Sonia Sumar´s book “Yoga for All Abilities"  into Spanish along with Merce Blasco.


Before the pandemic, Nadia taught and helped lots of kids with additional needs in schools and associations in the Madrid area, at a refugee camp in Greece, in an Orphanage in Nepal, and in various events for children with additional needs in Nice (France) sharing Yoga for All Abilities.


She opened Roberta Sumar Yoga Room in Madrid, a center dedicated to offer Yoga for kids and adults with and without additional needs.

Among her students she has had the opportunity to share Yoga for All Abilities yoga with children, youngsters and adults with autism, learning difficulties, Down syndrome, ADHD, C.P. and rare diseases.


During the pandemic, as most of the population did, she had to reinvent herself and moved closer to Guadalajara (Spain), moving the yoga center with her, starting from scratch in a whole new area.

Providing online classes to the previous students that would benefit from that format.

She has been cohosting most of the Yoga for All Abilities online programs during the pandemic, started co-teaching with Sonia Sumar, both in English and Spanish. She is also helping with the translation of the Program in Italian. In short, she has been trying to help as much as she could.

After the pandemic, the classes in the new yoga center are slowly going back to normal.


For Nadia, Yoga for All Abilities is much deeper than something purely physical. It is that balm that calms and heals the emotions and the minds of all those who somehow have been put down and misguided by the values of modern society. Nadia is helping them to get back on track, to walk on the path where being different is a blissful gift.


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