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Fri, Oct 06


ZOOM live streaming

95H Certification Program Part 1 The Sonia Sumar Method - ONLINE - English/ Chinese 2023

The Part 1 comprehensive training program provides the essential tools for working with children with additional needs. Using hands-on instruction, videos and other tools, we will guide program participants through each stage of the special child’s development.

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95H Certification Program Part 1 The Sonia Sumar Method  - ONLINE - English/ Chinese 2023
95H Certification Program Part 1 The Sonia Sumar Method  - ONLINE - English/ Chinese 2023

Time & Location

Oct 06, 2023, 7:00 PM GMT+8 – Nov 05, 2023, 10:00 PM GMT+8

ZOOM live streaming

About the event

95H Part 1 (48H) (online)  

Dates:: October 06-08 / 13-15 and Nov 03-05


Taiwan Standard Time: 

Fridays: 19:00-22:00

Saturdays and Sundays: 07:00-09:30 and 19:00-22:00

Eastern Daylight time (EDT): 

Fridays and Saturdays: 07:00am to 10:00am and 07:00pm to 09:30pm

Sundays: 07:00am to 09:30am.

Teacher:  Renata Sumar Gaertner (MahaJyoti)

Yoga for the Special Child Part 1 is a comprehensive, hands on, experiential course that will help you gain all the tools and skills you need to start teaching yoga to children with special needs. The course is open to yoga teachers, yoga students, school teachers, health practitioners, OT, PT, parents of children with special needs and everyone who is interested in helping children with special needs through the means of yoga.

The Method Sonia Sumar pioneered over 50 years ago, is rooted in classical Hatha Yoga, therefore it carries all of its components : voice work- chanting, eyes exercises, breathing work- pranayama, physical exercise, asanas, deep relaxation and meditation- yoga nidra. It is a safe and gentle but yet extremely powerful therapeutic yoga approach that has been helping improve the life of children and adults with special needs across the globe. The method is suitable for any age and any conditions.

《特殊兒童瑜伽─Part 1初階》是一個全面、實踐性易上手的課程,這個課程將幫助您獲得如何教授特殊需求兒童瑜伽的工具和技能,讓您可以簡單開始教授特殊需求兒童瑜伽。此課程適合瑜伽教師、瑜伽學生、學校教師、醫療從業人員、職能治療師、物理治療師、特殊需求兒童的家長以及所有有興趣透過瑜伽幫助特殊需求兒童的人。

索尼婭·蘇瑪爾(Sonia Sumar )在50多年前開創的這個方法,源於古典哈達瑜伽,因此課程包含了古典哈達瑜伽的所有精華:聲音練習——唱頌、眼部運動,呼吸練習——調息法,體能肌耐力鍛煉,體位法,深度放鬆和冥想——瑜伽大休息。這是種安全、溫和但極為有效的療癒式瑜伽,已經幫助改善全球很多特殊需求兒童和成人的生活。這種方法適用於任何年齡和任何狀況。

You will be provided with a manual - workbook and as the course progresses you will be handed out more materials to read and study.  All material from the manual will be covered fully.

With this training you will learn how to work with babies and children up to 12 years of age. Renata Sumar will share with you all of her knowledge and experience and all she has learned and keeps on learning from Sonia Sumar Sivakami directly. She will guide you through deepening your knowledge of Yoga , developing your own yoga practice, developing a practice for a child with special needs, gaining all the tools and skills you would need in order to deliver a yoga class, and gaining an understanding of the core Yoga for the Special Child Method values and structure.

As the week progresses and you learn more about the different stages of development we would share 4 / 5 different videos with you so you can see the methodology applied directly. This offers a really fantastic opportunity for all participants on the course to not only see but also have the chance to discus, question and investigate further all that has been learned over the week.

Each day will start with a short yoga session with the aim of you learning how to lead a class for a child with special needs. It is important to be able to understand and experience the benefits of this particular yoga methodology on your own body/ self before even attempting to apply it & share it with children with special needs.

Part 1 looks closely at the different stages of physiological and phycological development of an individual and how yoga helps and supports and individual.  The methodology is divided in 4 stages which you will study and learn about in depth so by the end of the course you will be able to work with children with special / additional needs right away.

The curriculum is rich and engaging. The course includes :

  • how to evaluate infants and children
  • how to create the optimum home environment
  • how to work with specific conditions
  • how to create a practice suitable for each individual
  • how to adjust and accommodate a child so he/she is safe
  • how to improve the breath of the child which in turn promotes better overall wellbeing
  • how to calm the child's nervous system so they are better self regulated
  • how to improve child's strength balance, flexibility, stamina, concentration, focus, sleep, self -esteem and state of mind

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