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Yoga and Ayurveda Practitioner

YOGA FOR ALL ABILITIES licensed teacher; CPD trainer teacher

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A student of yoga and Ayurveda, an explorer of life, and a traveler. Sandra dedicated her life to working with special needs children and their families. She believes that education and empowerment of the individual are one of the most essential things in life and the basis of the true freedom of every human being.

She has been practicing yogic techniques for 20 years. She is licensed to perform therapeutic yoga with babies, children, adolescents, and young adults with special needs and disabilities. She has completed specialized training in yoga therapy with children on the spectrum of autism, ADD, ADHD, cerebral palsy, Down syndrome, and yoga therapy in early intervention. With babies and children with different needs (Yoga for all abilities – Sonia Sumar method). She is a yoga teacher for adults (TT500 Sri Sri School of Yoga) and a certified and licensed ayurvedic practitioner (higher diploma of Europe Ayurveda Academy).

She is the founder and manager of the GitaZen holistic center in Croatia and Macedonia. She regularly conducts online and live individual and group yoga classes for children and adults as well as Ayurvedic consultations, workshops, education, and retreats.

YAA CPD - How can Ayurvedic principles be applied to understand and improve a child's wellness within the context of yoga (18H)


Goal: to improve understanding of the child's symptoms by analyzing them according to Ayurvedic principles and treating the root cause of the symptom.

Program information:

Developed by Sandra Begović to help you improve your understanding of how to safely adjust yourself and your students in yoga poses, analyze child symptoms using Ayurvedic principles, and treat the root causes to deepen connections and enhance wellness.


The program includes: 

·       Comprehensive Introduction to Ayurveda: Understand the basic principles of Ayurveda and their application in yoga for all abilities.

·       Doshas and Dhatus Analysis: Learn about Vata, Pitta, and Kapha doshas and conduct dosha self-assessments for children.

·       Integrative Yoga Practices: Adapt asanas and sequences tailored to individual dosha types and abilities.

·       Practical Case Studies: Analyze real-life symptoms in children and develop Ayurvedic treatment plans.

·       Interactive Workshops: Engage in small group work, presentations, and feedback sessions to reinforce learning.

·       Advanced Ayurvedic Concepts: Explore Prakruti and Vikruti and their impact on children's mental health.

·       Special Techniques: Discover special grips developed by Sivakami and the application of marma points in yoga.


Who should attend:

·       Yoga practitioners and instructors of all levels

·       Special education teachers and therapists incorporating yoga

·       Pediatric healthcare providers interested in holistic approaches

·       Parents and caregivers seeking Ayurvedic and Yogic wellness for children

·       Yoga therapists focusing on children with diverse abilities

·       Holistic health coaches integrating mind-body practices

·       Anyone interested in deepening their understanding of Ayurveda and yoga for child wellness

UPCOMING DATES: November 08-10, 2024 - ONLINE

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