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Yoga for the Special Child®, LLC training Programs offer a unique learning environment for children and their parents, special education teachers, Yoga teachers and health care professionals.


Courses are taught by internationally renowned Yoga therapist and author Sonia Sumar (and her well trained, certified teachers), whose innovative teaching methods have been improving the lives of children and adults with special needs for almost 50 years.



Sonia is a recognized member of: Yoga Alliance (US and UK), Integral Yoga Teachers Association and International Association of Yoga Therapists. 


She began teaching Yoga for children with special needs after her daughter Roberta was born with Down Syndrome in 1972. Sonia noticed many positive changes in Roberta from using Yoga, so in 1975 she became a Certified Yoga Teacher. Sonia's life dream is to help the world's special children achieve their full potential and become active and productive members of society. Nothing can better express her success than the letters she receives from the parents of her students.


Our 95H Certification Program is a comprehensive training that provides the essential tools for working with the population with special needs. Using hands-on instruction, our teachers guide program participants through each stage of the special child’s development. 

These courses are open to Yoga therapists, instructors, students, health care practitioners, and families of special children who have completed our Yoga for the Special Child® 95H Certification Program Part 1. 

This 200H Yoga Alliance approved program will give you the tools to work with adults with and without special needs following the Sonia Sumar Method. 


Due the Covid-19 outbreak, we are working on a way to honor all our programs with the same level of quality as they would be if they were in person, offering online choices, so you can still come and learn with us.
In the beginning of April we will have all the information you need to choose your course and sign up for the programs. 
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Yoga for the Special Child 95H Program Part 1

Dates: October 30-November 03/ 07-08/14-15 - (Japanese) Teacher: Ryoko Ohtaki

Times: Friday 19;00-21:30/ Saturday 7:30-10:30, 14:00-17:00/ Sunday 7:30-10:30, 14:00-16:30/Monday  19:00-21:30/ Tuesday (holiday) 7:30-10:30, 14:00-16:30 - last day ends at 10:30. 

More info and and sign up:

+81 90-8172-7018 |

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Yoga for the Special Child 95H Program Part 1

Dates: November 06-08/13-15/20-22- (English) Teacher: Renata Sumar Gaertner

Times: Friday 01;00-04:00 Saturday and Sunday 08:30-11:30am/ 02:00-05:00pm (EST)

More info and and sign up:

941-320-9290 (text messages only) 

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Yoga for the Special Child 95H Program Part 2

Dates: November 06-14 (English translated to Chinese) - Teacher: Sonia Sumar 

Times: TST (UTC+8) - Friday(Nov 06): 18;30-22:00| Saturday and Sunday: 06:30am- 10:00am and 19:00-22:00/Monday to Friday(Nov 09-13) - 06:30-09:30 and 19:0-22:00/Saturday(Nov. 14) - 06:30-10:00am and 18:30-22:00 (Taiwan Time)

More info and sign up: Irene: 0930870711 -

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Yoga for the Special Child 95H Program Part 2

Dates: November 16-20/23-27 (English translated to Japanese) - Teacher: Sonia Sumar 

Times: 6:00am-8:30am/4:00pm-6:30pm EST(USA)| 06:00-08:30am- 20:00-22:30 (Japan Standard Time)

More info and sign up : +81 90-8172-7018 |

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"Sonia teaches from a very deep place within herself sharing personal experiences with a wonderful sense of humor allowing us to self reflect, learn the beauty of Yoga, and truly learn to appreciate children with special needs and how Yoga can impact them."

Cindy Kaplan
Boston, Massachusetts